Week 2 (Jan 14 Meeting)

Keeping Body in Mind & Body Scan

 The Body Scan meditation helps us explore the difference between thinking about a sensation and experiencing it.  Often we live our lives in our heads, instead of directly experiencing it through our senses. The Body Scan meditation helps to train your mind so that we focus directly on bodily sensations without judging what we find, and sense when the mind wanders off.

You might think that mindfulness meditation is some kind of exotic clever skill, mastered only by Gurus, etc.  Mindfulness is not a clever skill.  In fact it is a natural inbuilt ability, and all that is required is repetition and practice, to gradually wake up to what is already here.  So don’t worry about if you are doing it right, or becoming overly goal-oriented.  Just spend time on the practice.

Reading:  Background suggested Reading Chapter 6 of W&P (Williams & Penman).
Practice for participants for Week 2
  • Mindful awareness of a routine daily activity:  Pick a different activity to the one that you chose last week — see the “Routine activities we normally miss” in Chap 5).
  • Body Scan Meditation: once a day for 5 days out of 7
  • For the first day we suggest  track 2 (15 min)  by Mark Williams at Mark Williams Meditation
  • You can also download this Body Scan meditation from: http://rodalebooks.s3.amazonaws.com/mindfulness/index.html

Note that the meditations at the links above can be downloaded to your computer or phone for convenient access.

For the second day we suggest  Daniel Kharlas
  • Tara Brach  (11 min)https://www.tarabrach.com/guided-meditation-body-scan-living-presence-11-min/

    For each remaining day, you choose either the Body Scan meditation by Tara Brach, Mark Williams or Daniel Kharlas.

  • Habit releaser:   Each week (and Chapter) of the program there is suggested habit releaser.  See Chap 6 by W&P for this week’s habit releaser, which involves going for a walk for at least fifteen minutes at least once this week (which is a kind of walking meditation).