Week 1 (Jan 7 Meeting)

Waking up the Auto-Pilot and Body and Breath  
This week is based on Chapter 5 of  W & P (Williams & Penman) which we strongly recommend.  For background for this week we recommend reading at least some of Chapters 1 and 4 of W & P, and trying the Prep for Week 1 at the MoM18 tab.
Complicated tasks that we repeat often, such as driving a car, are executed in our mind’s auto-pilot mode.  While useful the auto-pilot can get in the way of more mindful and satisfying living.  An aim of week 1 is to help you to see the automatic pilot at work and encourages you to explore what happens when you “wake up” the auto-pilot. Central to this week is a Body and Breath meditation that stabilizes the mind and helps you to see what unfolds when you focus your full awareness on just one thing at a time. We also explore mindful eating. These practices provide the foundations on which all the other meditations in the program are built.
Reading:  Read Chapter 5 of W&P (Williams & Penman).
Practice for participants for Week 1
  • The Raisin meditation (or a food item of your choice). Once in the week. Remember to have fun with mindful eating.
  • Mindful awareness of a routine daily activity (e.g. brushing teeth, dish washing, brushing your hair— see the “Routine activities we normally miss” in Chap 5).
  • Mindfulness of the Body and Breath meditation once a day for six days out of 7 (or 5 out of 7 if you come to the Tuesday Evening Drop-in Meditation).
  • For the first day we suggest  track 1 (8 min)  by Mark Williams at http://bit.ly/rodalemindfulness
    If the above link does not work, then download the meditation from
  • Note that the meditations at the links above can be downloaded to your computer or phone for convenient access.
    For the second day we suggest either
    Tara Brach Body and Breath (14min):

    or Daniel’s recorded guided meditation

    Body and Breath Meditation Download Link

    For each remaining day, you choose either the meditation by Tara Brach, Daniel or by Mark Williams.

  • Habit releaser:   Each week (and Chapter) of the program there will be suggested habit releaser.  See Chap 5 by W&P for this week’s habit releaser, which involves exploring the difference even a small change an everyday habit can bring in our lives.
 Background for Week 1