Goals, Structure and Facilitators

It seems we are always running to catch up, or evading ever increasing problems.  Mindfulness, a natural quality which we are born with, offers powerful alternatives, based on embracing awareness in the present moment.  It’s been kept alive, mainly in the East by Buddhists, and recently scientific evidence including brain scans have given strong support for its beneficial effects.

The program’s goal is to provide a step by step practical guide to enhancing mindfulness in your own life, communication and relationships. This is done in secular form in plain language, that reflects the common sense of Mindfulness ideas. Use of Body and Breath, mindful movement and walking mediation, provide powerful and subtle methods to bring us into the present moment. The program starts with shorter meditations and builds to longer ones.

There is a very nice tea break in the middle of the weekly sessions, so that participants can chat with the facilitators and other participants. The program design is based on a shortened form of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s pioneering 8 week Mindfulness program, with refinements made by Mark Williams.  We are also influenced by Tara Brach and Thich Nhat Hanh.

Facilitators:   Daniel Kharlas and Greg Reid (see Bios at the Bios link on our page).