About Greg

On a camping trip
I’m Greg, fellow traveler, scientist, human being and mindfulness enthusiast.
Mindfulness engages your heart, breath and body.
It especially emphasizes minding yourself and others compassionately and lovingly.
Even a little bit can create more space and freedom in your life.
Modern science has combined with the ancient wisdom of Buddhism
and is unique in its lightness of touch, introducing you to new
ways around the negative patterns we all get trapped in trying to solve our problems.
For those new to meditation my meditations aim to gently use
breath and body techniques to help bring you into the moment, in a relaxed yet alert way.  My meditation is designed to also be accessible to those with more experience, with transitions some times enabled by visualization.
You don’t have to sit an awkward way — we have chairs, cushions, mats so that everyone is comfortable


I am grateful for an introduction via classes at the Dunedin’s Dhargyey Buddhist  Center in New Zealand.  I was especially influenced by Lin Ong and her introduction to her teacher Mark William’s approach to mindfulness.
For example search: Mark Williams mindfulness for youtube videos and books (especially the book:  Mindfulness Meditation — finding peace in a frantic world by Williams and Penman).
I also deeply grateful to my most recent teachers:  Annamarie Burgess and Ian Holloway founders of London Mindfulness Community