The Mindfulness Challenge

WE DID IT! WE RAISED $5,732.56!!!

We couldn’t be happier, thank you to all that came out. We look forward to planning next years event and hope to see you all there! Love, peace and joy!

Check out this years mindfulness challenge london team:

We are so absolutely thrilled to be running a satellite location of the Mindfulness Challenge 2017!!!

Come join us to raise money while meditating!

You can find more info and register for the event at:

Mindfulness Challenge Registration

The earlier you register the cheaper the registration fee and the more money you will raise for this amazing cause!

Mindfulness Challenge 2017 in London

The London Mindfulness Community, partnered with Mindfulness without Borders and Rethink, is excited and honoured to act as a satellite location for the Mindfulness Challenge 2017! We have a vision of bringing together local meditation communities and individual practitioners to share in a day of mindfulness and raise lots of money for a good cause!

The Cause

All funds raised will be used towards mindfulness for mental health for marginalized people, delivered through The Centre for Mindfulness Studies’ groundbreaking Community Program.

Watch the below video to get a better feeling for the event:

With space for 45 participants, the program will be live-streamed at Innovation Works, an inviting and beautiful space in downtown London. In-person guidance regarding any meditation-related questions or concerns will be available from the facilitators of the London Mindfulness Community.

The Program:

The program will be awesome! It includes a feast of fitness-for-the-mind activities—alternating between sitting meditation and mindful movement, total relaxation, gentle yoga, mindful eating, music meditation and other mindfulness exercises. Even if you’ve never meditated or done yoga before, it’s no problem. The whole thing is designed to be accessible for beginners and powerful for all. For 4 hours, we make everything a meditation – even taking a bathroom break!

201 King street, London, Ontario (click here for map)

Sunday, October 15
11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Orientation starts at 10:30am

Registration Fee:
– $15 Super Early Bird til Aug 13
– $20 Early Bird til Sept 13
– $25 after that

How it works:
Mindfulness Challenge 2017 works like a walkathon or bikeathon – you ask people to sponsor you. We’ll provide you with the latest tools and great ideas to make it easy to reach your fundraising goal. We ask that when you register, you set a fundraising goal of at least $100. There are three fundraising levels:

  • Silver: raise $100 – $249
  • Platinum:  raise $250 – $499
  • Diamond:  raise $500 or more

To register or find more info about the event please visit:

Mindfulness Challenge Registration

If you’d like to donate to Daniel’s personal fundraising page  for the mindfulness challenge click here:

Daniel’s fundraising page

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Kristen’s fundraising page

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Greg’s fundraising page

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