Week 4 (Jan 29 Meeting)

Week 4 (Jan 29 Meeting) 



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This week is based on Ch. 10 of William and Penman which offers some great insights into facing difficulties, and introduces a “befriending” meditation which provides an antidote to what has been called “painful engagement” – a state of self-judgement, self-doubt, negativity, and an attachment to living in the past.  This state is explained beautifully in this chapter, and I encourage everyone to read it either before or after our class.


Working from our foundation in breath and body meditation, we will expand our skills and engage with the present moment with our heart as well as or bodies and minds.  By encouraging positivity, self-compassion, and loving-kindness, we can gain an awareness and acceptance of the present moment and provide space to heal, face our difficulties, and work on our relationships with ourselves and others.


On the way to this week’s class on Sunday we hope you will all prepare one comment, story, anecdote or experience you felt or experienced during meditation we are all going to be sharing with the group. This could include difficulties you’re having setting up a practise, obstacles or positive/ new experiences derived from meditating.


Reading:  Chapter 10 of W&P (Williams & Penman). Don’t worry if other chapters are mentioned in this chapter. All concepts are self-contained.

Practice for participants for Week 4

  • 3 minute breathing space meditation: twice a day track 8 at
  • http://rodalebooks.s3.amazonaws.com/mindfulness/index.html
  • Habit releaser:  Each week (and Chapter) of the program there will be suggested habit releaser.  See Chap 10 by W&P for this week’s habit releaser, which involves doing a kind deed for someone or/and reclaiming your life by doing an activity you used to love but you decided you no longer had time for.
  • Ten minute Befriending Meditation: twice a day for 5 days out of 7 (or 4 out of 7 if you come to the Tuesday Evening Drop-in Meditation) starting Monday Jan 30.
  • On day 1 we recommend track 7 by Mark Williams, which can be downloaded here: http://rodaledigitalbooks.com/mindfulness/
  • For the second day we suggest the following meditation (Tara Brach guided meditation): https://www.tarabrach.com/meditation-awakening-loving-presence/
  • For each remaining day, you choose either the Williams pair of meditations or the alternative pair.

Use Kristen’s Diary to track your MoM experience:

Practice Guide MOM2017

Contact Daniel to get set-up on LMC Slack (app that can be installed on your PC/Mac/Phone):

Daniel at info@londonmindfulnesscommunity.org  can send you setup instructions and additional help in setting up.  Slack is designed for much more interaction than the LMC website.  Make posts, start chats with the facilitators, and other MoM participants, including exploring wonderful topics such as kittentherapy!