Week 3 (Jan 22 Meeting)

Enhancing awareness through Mindful Movement & Breath
This week is based on Chapter 7 of  W & P (Williams & Penman) which we recommend reading carefully.  The previous chapters enhance our ability to directly sense reality through  our senses, and not by thoughts or other abstractions.  We observed breath and regions of the body, as a way of re-integrating body and breath into our being, emphasizing that we are more than  our thoughts.  Here we explore the interaction of body with environment through paying attention to movement, i.e. mindful movement.
Yoga and Mindful movement are closely related.  The mindful movement we use, differs from the usual goals and techniques of Yoga.  Yoga often has goals of achieving challenging poses to improve strength, stretch or flexibility.  In contrast the simple mindful movement we use here employs non-strenuous stretching, to bring mindful attention to sensations resulting from those movements.
This allows us to see more clearly our physical and mental limits, and our response when we approach them, assisting the reintegration of the mind with the body.  We learn to detect onset of feelings when we become too goal focused.  It helps us to see when we are angry, or tense, or other emotional states.  It’s an early warning system that allows us to head off problems before they gain unstoppable momentum.
Reading:  Chapter 7 of W&P (Williams & Penman).
Practice for participants for Week 3
  • 3 minute breathing space meditation:  twice a day track 8 at
  • http://rodalebooks.s3.amazonaws.com/mindfulness/index.html
  • Habit releaser:   Each week (and Chapter) of the program there will be suggested habit releaser.  See Chap 7 by W&P for this week’s habit releaser, which involves mindfully watching TV (you probably will replace TV with some kind of media,  as TV is a bit dated now).
  • Mindful Movement Meditation followed by Breath and Body Meditation: twice a day for 5 days out of 7 (or 4 out of 7 if you come to the Tuesday Evening Drop-in Meditation) starting Monday Jan 23.
     For the first day we suggest  track 3 (8  min Mindful Movement)  by Mark Williams at
  • http://rodalebooks.s3.amazonaws.com/mindfulness/index.html
  • Followed, immediately by the Williams Breath and Body Meditation (Track 4, 8 min at the above link). Note that the meditations at the links above can be downloaded to your computer or phone for convenient access.
    For the second day we suggest the following pair of meditations (11 min MiSP Meditation followed by a 10 min Tara Brach guided meditation).
  • The MiSP mindful movement meditation:
  •  Tara Brach’s breath and body meditation:

    Ten-Minute Basic Meditation Practice (10:31 min)

  • The MiSP meditation comes from an initiative to bring mindfulness to schools (MiSP, Mindfulness in Schools Program – see https://mindfulnessinschools.org/).
  •  For each remaining day, you choose either the Williams pair of meditations or the alternative pair.

Additional Background:  For additional background for this week, if you have time, we suggest  reading Chapter 3 of W & P.  This gives deeper insight into what’s happening behind the meditation.

Use Kristen’s Diary to track your MoM experience:
Contact Daniel to get set-up on LMC Slack (app that can be installed on your PC/Mac/Phone):
Daniel at info@londonmindfulnesscommunity.org  can send you setup instructions and additional help in setting up.  Slack is designed for much more interaction than the LMC website.  Make posts, start chats with the facilitators, and other MoM participants, including exploring wonderful topics such as kittentherapy!