Goals, Structure and Facilitators

It seems we are always running around to catch up, or evading ever increasing problems. Mindfulness, a natural quality that we are born with, offers powerful alternatives based on warmly embracing awareness in the present moment.

Goals:  Provide a step by step practical guide to enhancing mindfulness in your own life, communication and relationships.

Approach: Using your body and breath, mindful movement, taste, and walking meditation to provide subtle methods to bring us into the present moment.  Individual instruction helps each participant to move at their own pace.

Program: Facilitated by Greg, Paul, Kristen (CYA-RMS 100)  and Daniel of LMC.  See http://www.londonmindfulnesscommunity.org/bios

This is a shortened version of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s pioneering 8-week mindfulness program, with refinements made by Mark Williams, and inspired by Tara Brach, and  Thich Nhat Hanh.  Mindfulness offers powerful alternatives, based on embracing awareness in the present moment.  Recently scientific evidence has given strong support for its beneficial effects.

Structure:  Mindfulness exercises, discussion and instruction with a nice mid-session tea break where you can chat with the facilitators and participants.  The course starts with shorter meditations and builds to longer ones.