Week 3 (July 23 Meeting)

Bringing lightness and curiosity throughout our lives with Meditation

In Week 3 we will be exploring how meditation can be used to bring a light curiosity to many aspects of our life!  For example dancing mindfulness, as described here:

Dancing Mindfulness uses the art form of dance as the primary medium of discovering mindful awareness. Dancing through seven primary areas of mindfulness in motion: breath, sound, body, story, mind, spirit, and fusion (of all elements), with a respect to the attitudes of mindfulness, participants tap into their body’s own healing resources and realize that we all have a unique creativity just waiting to be cultivated!”   Source:


In Preparation for Week 3:

Consider what sorts of meditations you enjoy doing, and what meditations would you like to explore. What activities in your life do you think could be augmented or refreshed with bringing a mindful perspective to them? Perhaps taking some time to look into some lesser known meditations, recognizing that building your meditation practice is always an opportunity to explore new meditations (i.e. chakra meditation, inner compassion meditation, dancing meditation, etc.). Making note of which kinds of meditations kindle the fire of curiosity within you.

Suggested Exercises for Week 3

We suggest you meditate for about 30 min per day on 4 of the following 6 days. The main goal for this week is to develop your curiosity with meditation, to explore meditations that interest you and by investigating what new meditations and old meditations interest you to begin developing an idea of what meditation you would like to guide yourself. This must begin from a non-judgmental place when possible to allow for yourself to learn and slowly improve at writing your own meditations. We will take some time next week to discuss how this experience was like for you.

New meditations mentioned in Deep MOM:

  1. Taste meditation
  2. Smell meditation
  3. Touch/tactile meditation
  4. Chakra meditation
  5. Walking meditation
  6. Meditating to sleep
  7. Chanting
  8. Vipassana silent meditation
  9. Zen meditation
  10. Mantra meditation
  11. Dancing mindfulness
  12. Yoga nidra
  13. Focusing on Pain meditation

Day 1:  Using the list above as a starting point begin exploring new meditations, looking up guided meditations, these could be found on insight timer (an app on smartphones) or on Youtube. Know yourself and the time you want to allocate to this, if you are a deep investigator, you might want to narrow the list to a smaller one … where you spend a larger amount of time on each meditation investigating it more deeply, conversely if you want to sample more sources than explore freely. Attempting to recognize which meditations you’d like to explore more, which you feel neutral about and which you believe you won’t enjoy. Take some time to read about different meditations and try practicing a new meditation each day this week.

Day 2:  Recognizing what you liked and didn’t like about day 1 begin considering what the preferable guided meditation would be like for you. Again practice a new meditation today you have perhaps never tried in the past.

Day 3:  Try writing down a guided meditation considering what aspects of different meditations you like. For example, if you like listening to music while meditating, include this in the meditation plan. Consider that your first guided meditation does not need to be perfect, it can be in any form that you feel comfortable. If your feeling open to it, perhaps try recording this guided meditation and listening to it, listening with as little judgement as possible. Allow yourself to be creative in this learning process. Find a guided meditation you have never practiced before and try using it for your daily meditation.

Day 4:  Reviewing the guided meditation you wrote on day 3, make changes with what you may have learned and consider how you might present it in a 5 minute or less window to the Deep MOM group. It is totally up to you whether you decide to actually present and in what form this comes, be as creative as you’d like (a quote, poem, writing, picture or anything else) to the group however, it is a powerful experience to facilitate meditation so give yourself a chance to consider this. Try a novel guided meditation you have never practiced before.

Habit releaser:

Choosing a different habit releaser for this week.  Perhaps, allowing a habit releaser to be letting yourself dance/move mindfully and having fun with this!