Deep MoM17

Week 4 (July 30 Meeting)

We have added a link for the Week 3 meeting below. Later additional material will be added which includes the suggested exercises for that meeting. As participants we emailed you a complete description shortly after the Week 3 meeting.

Week 3 (July 23 Meeting)

We have added a link for the Week 2 meeting which includes the suggested exercises for that meeting. A short summary for that meeting is given the link below. As participants we emailed you a complete description.

Week 2 (July 16 Meeting)

We added a page about containing links to meditations and other background which will be regularly updated.

Meditation links & background

Week 1 (July 9 Meeting)


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Poster for Deep MoM17

Deep MoM is right for you if you’ve had some initial experience of mindfulness meditation (see required background below). Building on this platform you may want to deepen and integrate mindfulness into your life.   The London Mindfulness Community (LMC) invites you to our new July 2017 Deep Month of Mindfulness program (DeepMoM17). This is a follow-up to our popular January 2017 Month of Mindfulness (MoM17) program.

Goals:  Provides a step by step practical guide to deepen mindfulness in your life using an mindfulness approach emphasizing appropriate goal setting, creativity, communication and relationships.

Program & Approach: Facilitated by Daniel, Greg & Kristen (CYA-RMS 100) of LMC.   DeepMoM17 is motivated by the 2nd month of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s pioneering 2 month mindfulness program. Our previous program MoM17 was motivated by the 1st month of Zinn’s program.  The facilitators incorporate developments related to creative expression and creating your own meditation program, enabling you to find your own approach to deepening mindfulness in your life.

Structure:  Mindfulness exercises, building your personal mindfulness goals and daily meditation program. Discussion and instruction with a nice mid-session tea break where you can chat with the facilitators and participants.  DeepMoM17 will focus on appropriate goal setting and creative expression in terms of movement, writing or art.  Creating and facilitating your own meditations is a focus of the latter part of the program; related to the expertise of the facilitators.

Facilitators: Facilitated by Daniel, Greg and Kristen (CYA-RMS 100)  of LMC.  See (or the BIOS tab in the menu bar above).

Disclaimer:   This program is not a replacement for professional health care. If you are experiencing significant challenges this program may not be suitable for you- please seek professional assistance.


Required Background

The London Mindfulness Community (LMC) is a community of mindfulness enthusiasts.  Our meditations are designed to be accessible to those who drop in occasionally.  Those wanting to know more about integrating mindfulness into daily life, can benefit from our Sunday Discussions.