Lectures for the Holidays *See below for Holiday Schedule*

Hi Sangha,

Here are the lectures by Dr. Muesse we’ve been listening to the past few weeks, plus two new ones for you to enjoy over the holidays.

(Please check the post below for the Holiday Schedule)

Lecture 1: Mindlessness

Lecture 2: Mindfulness 

Lecture 3: Expectations 

Lecture 4: Preparation, Moral Inventory

Lecture 5: Position, where to be

Lecture 6: Breathing, finding a focus 

Lecture 7: Problems 


** Holiday Schedule! **

Hi folks,

Here’s the details on the holiday scheduling for LMC.


Tonight, December 15, is the last Tuesday sit in December.
We’ll resume Tuesday practice on January 12th, 2016.


Sundays also resume in January.
We will meet on January 3rd and January 10th for a guided meditation and discussion. These two weeks will be slightly abbreviated, ending at 8pm instead of 9pm.

January 17th we will resume our ‘regular’ Sunday meetings.

Stay Tuned…

As you know we’ve been listening to a lecture series – listening to one lecture and then discussing it each Sunday.
In the next few days we’ll make available to you the lectures we’ve covered in the past 6 weeks, plus two new lectures to bridge the gap on Sunday practice.

Best wishes for the new year from LMC,



12.13.15: Problems & How to make them stepping stones to mindfulness

Hi Sangha,
Sorry for the delay in posting. (Technical Troubles!)
On Sunday we will listen to the 7th lecture in Dr. Muesse’s Mindfulness series entitled:
 Problems: Stepping Stones to Mindfulness.
Problems encountered during practice are known as the five hindrances:
1) Sensual desire or greed
2) Ill-will or aversion
3) Sloth and torpor
4) Restlessness and anxiety or worry
5) Doubt
We can discuss some problems that have come up for us during our meditation practice,  and some appropriate responses.
Some questions to think about are:
What is your relationship toward problems that come up during your meditation practice?
 Have you encountered pain? difficulty concentrating? discouragement?
Has your attitude towards these problems changed over time?
What type of awareness practices or techniques have you brought to your difficulties, to either make yourself more comfortable, or to to face reality head on.
Do you agree that problems are stepping stones stones to mindfulness?
See you Sunday,
(via Annamarie)

12.01.15: Guidelines


As one great cheesy pirate movie famously quips about the ‘pirate code’ – “they’re not rules, they’re guidelines”.

This week we’ll listen to the next Dr. Muesse lecture – and the topic is Ethics. As Muesse explains, the buddhist approach to ethics is that they’re guidelines.

The traditional 5 buddhist  ethical guidelines (called ‘precepts) are notoriously open ended, and framed as “I’m going to (do my best) to…” type statements. If you think “ethics” isn’t your bag, trust me, this isn’t finger wagging, guilt tripping, “or else” type business.

The well respected Thai teacher Thich Nhat Hahn re-translates the ‘precepts’ as the “five mindfulness trainings”. These are things to train in to live a balanced and mindful life.  He offers a detailed account here.


In a 30 minute lecture Muesse knocks this topic gracefully outta the park. I haven’t listened to all 24 of the lectures in this series, but this one I’ve heard several times. It’s extremely well done, and I’m really excited to share it with you.

See you Sunday,