2015.07.26 – Monthly Tea Party

Its the last Sunday of the month which means it’s time for the monthly tea party! Consider bringing a snack to share. There’s Tea at the studio provided, but feel free to bring something different for yourself if you like. ¬†And finally, the tea party is our opportunity to chat in a more unstructured way about mindfulness yoga meditation and the way of the Buddha. Hope to see you there!!


One thought on “2015.07.26 – Monthly Tea Party

  1. We had some great conversation Sunday!
    For those of you interested, check out this essay by Bhikkhu Bodhi, and then read the responses – particularly those by Stephen Bachelor & Winston Higgins. It’s a bit lengthy, I know, but worth the read to get an understanding of some of the differences between western and eastern Buddhisms. It covers a lot of what we talked about on Sunday including rebirth, monastic life, ethics & politics.


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