Reminder: Joining us for discussion only is a great option

Hello all,

A reminder that if you can’t make it on time to meditation on Sundays, you can join in for the discussion at 7:40pm.

You can sit on the bench outside/across from the Shiva Room (meditation room) to make sure you see us break,  and even do your own meditation practice if you’re waiting!

**This is an excellent option if you choose to do the 6:00pm yoga class at Moksha.


2015.07.26 – Monthly Tea Party

Its the last Sunday of the month which means it’s time for the monthly tea party! Consider bringing a snack to share. There’s Tea at the studio provided, but feel free to bring something different for yourself if you like.  And finally, the tea party is our opportunity to chat in a more unstructured way about mindfulness yoga meditation and the way of the Buddha. Hope to see you there!!

2015.07.05 – Appropriate Effort

The next area for cultivation in the Buddha’s “Threefold Training” is appropriate effort. Appropriate Effort comes in four inter-related flavours:

  1. When a skillful or wholesome state of mind* is present, exert effort to sustain it’s presence.
  2. When a skillful or wholesome state of mind is not present, exert effort to bring one into being.
  3. When an unskillful or unwholesome state of mind* is present, exert effort to abandon it.
  4. When an unskillful or unwholesome state of mind is not present, exert effort to prevent it from arising.

*Put generally, wholesome states of mind include generosity, warm feelings, compassion, and equanimity.  Unwholesome states include contraction around wanting (greed), contraction around not-wanting (aversion), and being muddled about the different between the two (delusion).

Here are some examples of what this might look like:

  1.  I notice one day that I have two copies of the same book. A state of generosity comes up and I think about who I might give it to.  I reflect on how good generosity feels and perhaps think of other gifts I could give or nice things I could do for others.  These reflections sustain and strengthen generosity.
  2. I’m driving around town and recognize I’m feeling pretty neutral–there’s no particular wholesome or unwholesome things present in my mind.  I then start wishing metta toward all my fellow drivers.  This awakens a state of warm feelings.
  3. I’m walking down the street and see a homeless person begging for money. I feel my heart close down and a sense of aversive fear comes up in me.  I want to find some way of avoiding the person.  I notice this and do what I can to replace aversion with compassion. I also relax tension in my own body.  This helps the aversion to dissipate.
  4. I’m in my house and feeling a little bored.  I notice that in my mind some craving for entertainment comes up.  I would feel better if I had a glass or two of wine.  I know from the past that if I let this thought take hold, it will become craving. I attempt to put it down before it can.

So, for your homework.  Over the next 2 1/2 days, think about these four ennobling efforts and identify examples of at least two of them in your own life.  Please come to the discussion ready to share.  If Sunday comes around and you don’t feel like sharing, that’s okay.  Don’t skip the discussion – there’s no pressure to share if you don’t want to.