Sunday June 29th: Book Club

This Sunday we will continue our exploration of Chapter 1 of Three Steps to Awakening. Remember that you do not have to have done the reading in order to come and join the discussion but keep in mind, but keep in mind to make the most out of your time it would be helpful if you came with discussion points of the questions written down so that you don’t forget!

Movie Night Redux: Part I of the Buddha

Hello everyone,

Mark Mikulec here. For anyone who missed watching the first part of the PBS documentary the Buddha on June 1st, I’m planning on watching it this Tuesday, June 18th, at 9pm, right after I get home post-meditation practice. I have a 84″ screen and popcorn too! You are all welcome to join me. Feel free to contact me on twitter @bluntcoder or my last name at gmail if you’d like address and directions, otherwise just come to Tuesday night meditation and we’ll just leave from there.


Sunday, June 15, 2014: CLOSED

We’ll be “closed” for Father’s Day.

In the mean time, if you’re looking for it: the documentary we’re watching is the PBS’ “The Buddha”.   We’ll finish watching that on the 22nd (recall we’re about half way through, to the second section of the film).

In the mean time, please keep up your practice by revisiting the instructions from Chapter 1 in Three Steps to Awakening (not to be mistaken with the ‘first chapter’, which may or may not be the introduction haha).

See y’all soon

Annamarie & Ian