Sunday Sangha, June 1, 2014: Movie Night!

Hello friends and seekers,

This Sunday, we will watch a biography of the Buddha and eat popcorn together. The movie is about 1h45m long. We’ll end around 9:15 or 9:30 rather than the usual 9:00. As always, you can leave whenever you like.

We will provide the popcorn. If anyone wants to bring other snacks, feel free. Hope to see you there!

Ian and Annamarie

Sunday Sangha: 25 May, 2014

For this week’s sangha meeting, please read page 1-22 in Three Steps to Awakening. That includes the sections Introduction and Kalama Sutra.

For those of you who do not have the book and want a copy, you can purchase it for roughly $18 at Mandala Bookshop located at 190 Central Ave or at


Sunday, May 18, 2014: Talking about Justice

Hi Sangha,

This week, on Sunday, we’re going to discuss a few themes related social justice. Come with your own questions/experiences, and check out the interview with bell hooks at the link: Tricycle_Conversations_Vol.1 Bell Hooks.

The interview covers a lot of ground: issues of race, gender, sexuality, and activism speaking both the perspective of society at large and internal of the Buddhist community.

reminder: PLEASE BE SURE TO PICK UP YOUR BOOK! They’re at Moksha for you to pick up any time. We will be starting discussing the book on the 25th.

Book club!

Hello sangha!

Happily the book order for our new book club has arrived. We will bring the books to the studio this Sunday. You’ll be able to pick up your book any time during the week that the studio is open and staffed.

The LMC meeting on Sunday the 18th will revolve around deciding together the book club procedures that we want to adopt, so please try to make it to that meeting so you can add your $0.02. Sunday the 25th will be the first book club meeting.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Because this Sunday is Mother’s Day, we are expecting a smaller crowd than usual. Therefore, we won’t be exploring a specific topic. Instead, we will practice meditation together and then have an open discussion guided by the interests of the folks who can attend. Hope to see you then!