Sunday 6 April, 2014

Next week, we’re going to discuss a section of this talk on a way of practicing mindfulness that is a bit different than what we’ve discussed before.  We hope you’ll find it interesting. Please listen to it from 38:53 to 58:46.  As always, we encourage you to jot down some thoughts and come ready to discuss!

Sunday March 23, 2014: “Stretching” our minds with Loving Kindness


Please take a listen to this talk by Sharon Salzberg for discussion on Sunday.

Sharon’s a great teacher whose niche in teaching if you ask me is Loving Kindness. In this talk she starts at the basics, talks about the term ‘Loving Kindness’ and how this friendliness can develop – both from mindfulness meditation practice (what you’re used to doing at group with us) and loving kindness meditation practice.

Earth Hour: Saturday, March 29

Hey LMC!

As I mentioned last night, I’d like to gauge interest in an Earth Hour, candle light, meditation evening before I approach the studio if they’d be okay with us coming in on a Saturday night.

What I propose is the following:
@ 8:00 pm : We gather and watch a short video – something to put us in the mindframe of interconnection (nature video, city video, open to suggestions!).
@8:20 pm: We light candles, and settle in for meditation
@ 8:30 pm: Earth Hour!

We will follow a traditional framework of breaking up our seated meditation practice with walking meditation:
25 min seated practice, 10 min walking practice, 25 min seated practice
(The meditations will be guided, and we’ll discuss walking practice before Earth Hour begins to make sure everyone understands the format and feels comfortable)

@ 9:30 pm: Finished! Like usual, we can sit around for a little while and discuss our thoughts from the evening’s practice.

@ 10:00 pm: We put away the cushions and head home

Please comment if you’re interested so I can get a sense of numbers.
Suggestions for the format of the evening are welcome, too.